Sooorya EV



  • Affordable and made for developing markets  <15K US$
  • Purpose-built for the ride-sharing economy with 8 seats, multi-purpose, Plug & Play.
  • Zero charging downtime (No range anxiety) with swappable batteries.
  • Fully electric, with a solar roof for additional mileage at zero fuel cost, ensuring the lowest cost per kilometer/per seat to boost profits.
  • Modular vehicle to enable franchised production locally in Micro-factories.
  • This is the Rideshare EV of the future – Utilitarian, Tech-enabled, Multi-purpose.


  • > 25 KW Electric Motor, Top speed 60KMPH.
  • Built-in device for App, GPS / WIFI.
  • Unique Vehicle Architecture – Fixed & Swappable Batteries.
  • Individual seats, with seat sensors, USB charging & panic button.
  • Flexible seating to accommodate wheelchair / luggage / pets / food delivery etc.
  • Airconditioning.
  • UV light sterilization.