Sooorya EV


Sooorya Sidetop

Why Sooorya EV?

  • SOOORYA is focused on providing Affordable, Comfortable & Eco-friendly (ACE) Mobility in the Indian subcontinent, the ASEAN region, African Continent, and South America.
  • SOOORYA EV – 8 Seater Electric Taxi, built to suit the needs of short-distance “Ride-Sharing” category of app-based taxi-hailing services such as Uber, Ola, Grab, Gojek, etc.
  • For last-mile/first-mile shuttle services connecting fixed points like Metro / Bus stations to office complexes, malls, colleges, hospitals, and other key congregation points.
  • And for employee transport, with a minimum carbon footprint.


Built for emerging markets.


Air-conditioned & Individual seats.


No tailpipe pollution & Sustainable.

Sooorya EV – 8 seater Electric Taxi



  • Affordable and made for developing markets  <15K US$
  • Purpose-built for the ride-sharing economy with 8 seats, multi-purpose, Plug & Play.
  • Zero charging downtime (No range anxiety) with swappable batteries.
  • Fully electric, with a solar roof for additional mileage at zero fuel cost, ensuring the lowest cost per kilometer/per seat to boost profits.
  • Modular vehicle to enable franchised production locally in Micro-factories.
  • This is the Ride-Sharing EV of the future – Utilitarian, Tech-enabled, Multi-purpose.


  • > 25 KW Electric Motor, Top speed 60KMPH.
  • Built-in device for App, GPS / WiFi.
  • Unique Vehicle Architecture – Fixed & Swappable Batteries.
  • Individual seats, with seat sensors, USB charging & panic button.
  • Flexible seating to accommodate wheelchair / luggage / pets / food delivery etc.
  • Airconditioning.
  • UV light sterilization.

About Us


‘SOOORYA’ is derived from the word ‘Surya’ which means Sun in Asia.

SOOORYA will power sustainable economic development in the emerging markets, especially those located in the southern hemisphere, blessed with abundant sunshine.

Vision & Mission

SOOORYA is redefining how automobiles are designed, manufactured, sold & operated, with a strong focus on sustainability, profitability & societal impact.

SOOORYA’s goal is to utilize solar energy to the maximum, especially in countries that are endowed with abundant sunshine.

SOOORYA EV has an innovative manufacturing & business model, to increase profitability for all stakeholders.

  • The vehicle is ‘designed from manufacturing’ and incorporates the principles of modular design & frugal engineering.
  • Vehicles are manufactured in micro-factories close to consumer markets, to optimize logistics & increase the efficiency of supply chains.
  • Circular economic principles are integral in our design process, factoring in the needs of servicing & repairs.

Our business model is based on a customer-centric, sustainable, asset-light, and profitable enterprise with a high brand valuation. The focus will be on product innovation, IP generation, brand valuation.