Sooorya EV


Purpose Built e-Taxi

Propelling eMobility

Why Sooorya EV?

  • SOOORYA is focused on providing Affordable, Comfortable & Eco-friendly (ACE) Mobility in the Indian subcontinent, ASEAN region, African Continent and South America.

  • SoooryaEV has successfully developed this design over 5 years of intensive design effort, simulated performance and engineered the architecture for ease of manufacturing.

  • Right-sized for efficiency – light weight, optimal motor power & battery capacity, to operate efficiently at mandated speed limits, with more seating capacity & luggage space. 

  • Purpose-built to operate as an e-Taxi (like the famous London Black Cab). This reduces costs (TCO/KM, TCO/KM/Seat). Significant interest from potential buyers / fleet operators received for last-mile mobility, shuttle services, employee transport & ride hailing / sharing services.

  • Designed for zero-charging downtime with multiple charging options: fast / slow charging, battery swap, solar roof & regen braking.

  • Developed for easy assembly with modular design (eg. IKEA). This reduces manufacturing cost & investment required, improves customizability, and scaleup speed.


Built for emerging markets


Airconditioned & Individual seats


No tailpipe pollution & sustainable

Sooorya EV – 8 seater Electric Taxi



  • Affordable and made for developing markets US$12 to 15K.
  • Purpose-built for the ride-hailing / sharing fleet segment with 8 seats, multi-purpose, Plug & Ply.
  • Zero charging downtime (No range anxiety) with unique vehicle architecture of ‘Fixed + Swappable’ batteries.
  • Fully electric, with a solar roof for additional mileage at zero fuel cost, ensuring the lowest cost per kilometer/per seat to boost profits.
  • Modular vehicle to enable franchised production locally in Micro-factories
  • Highly profitable, Rideshare EV – Utilitarian, Tech-enabled, Multi-purpose.


  • 1 + 7 Seater Airconditioned
  • Top speed 80 KMPH
  • Plug & Ply Tech : Built-in device for App, GPS, WIFI
  • Individual seats with seat sensors, USB charging & panic button
  • Flexible seating – wheelchair / luggage / pets / food delivery
  • Integrated Solar panel on the roof (5000km/annum approx.)
  • Efficient Electric Motor, Regenerative Braking, Fully Automatic
  • Unique Vehicle Architecture – No charging Downtime
  • Modular Design – Easy assembly in Micro-factories

About Us


‘Sooorya’ is derived from the word ‘Surya’ which means Sun in Asia.
SoooryaEV will be powered by sustainable energy, especially solar energy which is abundant & cheap in most of the emerging markets blessed with abundant sunshine throughout the year.
SoooryaEV is developed with passion to create a positive social & climate impact, with affordable / comfortable & eco-friendly last mile mobility.

Vision & Mission

SOOORYA is redefining how automobiles are designed, manufactured, sold & operated, with a strong focus on sustainability, profitability & societal impact.

SoooryaEV has an innovative manufacturing & business model, to increase profitability for all stakeholders.

  • Vehicle is ‘designed from manufacturing’ and incorporates the principles of modular design & frugal engineering.
  • Vehicles are manufactured in micro factories close to consumer markets, to optimise logistics & increase efficiency of supply chains.
  • Circular economic principles are integral in our design process, factoring the needs of servicing & repairs.

Our business model is based on a customer centric, sustainable, asset light, and profitable enterprise with a high brand valuation. Focus will be on product innovation, IP generation, brand valuation.

Sooorya EV : Management & Advisory Team

Christie Fernandez


Impact Entrepreneur, Autodidact & Polymath

In the last 6 years, established himself as a thought-leader in the EV domain, with over 34,000 followers on LinkedIn. Invited to speak at EV events & write articles.

Extensively researched NEV (New Energy Vehicles) across 5 continents & has good insights on EV technologies & markets.

Christie is now well networked in the mobility ecosystem, and is able to attract talent, suppliers, partners & customers.

Arvind Sharma

Co-founder & CSO

Automotive domain expert & board member

Seasoned supply chain manager, and an operations professional with cross-functional experience across highly reputed multinationals in India, Singapore, China & USA.

Spearheaded $650M P&L for a $20B Fortune 500 company over 10-year period while overseeing 14 locations and 6,500 employees.

Catapulted revenues across Asia from $3 Billion to $5 Billion.

Babu Ramachandran

Co-founder & COO

Manufacturing expert & board member

In his professional career spanning 28+ years held leadership roles with global organizations: Alstom, Daimler, Motherson, 3M, Ford and L&T.

Babu has managed ‘start-up’ to ‘scale-up’ manufacturing scenarios at green/ brown-field ventures across Industry sectors: Automotive – Cars, Trucks & Buses / Railways – Metro, Locomotives / Machinery.
Across domains: Smart Manufacturing | Quality Management I Supplier Management | Program Management | Business Transformation | Circular Economy.

Piyush Desai

Advisor – EV Drivetrain Technology

Accomplished technology leader & EV drivetrain expert

Co-founded Turntide Technologies to commercialize switched reluctance motor technology he developed and patented during his Ph.D. He led R&D, built cutting-edge design labs, and set up a global supply chain for mass production. Turntide achieved the milestone of over $1B valuation in 2022, joining the exclusive ranks of climate tech unicorns.

A seasoned technology leader in energy efficiency, EV drivetrains, renewable energy, and aerospace & defense with innovations that have significantly advanced the technology.