Redefining Urban Mobility

Looks like after 50+ years of proliferation of pollution causing petrol & deisel vehicles, we are again in the cusp of a sea change in urban mobility, and this time hopefully without too much of damage to the environment.

In present times, with well established instantaneous mobile communications, digital technologies and cost effective solar energy, we now have the eco-system to completely redefine urban mobility, and in the way our cities are planned.

In the words of Randall, “ Urban cars of the future will need to be autonomous, web-integrated, customizable, green and shared. These vehicles will catalyze the trend toward car sharing versus ownership and expand shared services to a new level of convenience and flexibility. Automotive companies will need to move faster toward more service-oriented strategies and offerings versus product offerings to remain competitive. New entrants, new business models, and stakeholders from multiple sectors create significant disruption risks to the industry that must be addressed, along with faster evolution of public policy to support this sharing.” Randall J. Miller – Global Automotive & Transportation Sector Leader, EY

We have already begun to see the beginnings of our new future, with autonomous vehicles, luxury electric cars, hybrid electric vehicles and soon Swappable Solar Recharged Battery (SSRB) Electric Vehicles…

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