• SOOORYA (SSRB-EV) is an 8 Seater Electric Neighbourhood Vehicle          
  • The vehicle runs on Swappable Solar Recharged Batteries (SSRB) for instant refuelling
  • The owner pays just for fuel (the electricity stored in the battery & consumed). The vehicle owner does not have to worry about  battery life, maintenance, recurring capital cost, technology or warranty.



  • Built in touchscreen that can run android app of taxi operators…
  • Digital signage to indicate route
  • Built in GPS & Wifi
  • Individual seats, with seat sensors, USB charging & panic button
  • Social button, to indicate privacy or open to conversations for taxi  share commuters
  • Sliding doors for easy entry & exit
  • Flexible seating to accomodate wheelchair / pets / luggage
  • Advertising display
  • High performance energy efficient electric motor, controller & convertor from leading manufacturers
  • Competitive pricing, low fuel cost & maintenance cost