SOOORYA (SSRB-EV) is an 8 Seater Electric Neighbourhood Vehicle, based on Swappable Solar Rechargeable Batteries (SSRB), built to suit the needs of short distance “Ride Share” category of app based taxi hailing services, and for last mile/first mile service connecting fixed points like Metro / Bus stations to office complexes, malls, colleges, hospitals,  and other key congregation points.

Product Features

Neighbourhood electric vehicle, based on swappable solar recharged batteries

Flexible Seating

Flexible seating to accomodate upto 8 passengers, and/or wheelchair, pets, luggage…

Instant Refuelling

Swappable Solar Recharged Batteries (SSRB) for instant refuelling.

High Performance

Energy efficient electric motor, controller & convertor from leading manufacturers


Individual seats, with seat sensors, USB charging, panic button & social button to indicate open to conversation

Well Equipped

Built in touchscreen for app, GPS, Wifi & Digital signage to indicate route

Low-cost Ownership

Competitive pricing, low fuel cost & maintenance cost.


A sustainable eco-system, profitable for all stake-holders.

SOOORYA Electric Vehicle Company believes that the era of mass manufacturing is over, and the future belongs to networked lean manufacturing & distributed assembly.
Given the advantages of specialisations, we intend to collaborate with the best of component manufacturers from around the world and develop a sustainable ecosystem to produce a superior product in the most cost-effective way.
We believe in using the principles of design thinking, not just in product development, but also in business modelling to increase profitability for all stake holders, including our customers.
Dealer Network (DN)

Vehicles will be assembled & sold through a franchise “Dealer Network (DN)” with facilities for Assembly, Showroom, Service & Spares

Solar Recharging Network (SRN)

Batteries will be recharged through a Farmer Franchise “Solar Recharging Network (SRN)”, using Solar Panels &  Batteries

Battery Retail Network (BRN)

Batteries will be swapped through a Retail Franchise “Battery Retail Network (BRN)” consisting of small retail stores for stocking & swapping batteries close to customers

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